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(best quality),(masterpiece),1girl, flower,white dress, solo, green hair, long hair, smile, open mouth, looking at viewer, bangs, white flower, green eyes,
  • (best quality),(masterpiece),1girl, flower,white dress, solo, green hair, long hair, smile, open mouth, looking at viewer, bangs, white flower, green eyes,
  •  1girl, solo, sitting, long hair, flower, ponytail, looking at viewer, thighhighs, blue eyes, water, detached sleeves, wide sleeves
  •  tongxin, best quality, masterpiece, illustration, (reflection light), incredibly absurdres, 1girl, girl middle of flower, pure skyblue hair, red eyes, clear sky, outside, collarbone, loli, sitting, absurdly long hair, clear boundaries of the cloth, white dress, fantastic scenery, ground of flowers, thousand of flowers, colorful flowers, flowers around her, various flowers,
  •  (best quality), (masterpiece), 1girl, solo, umbrella, long_hair, blonde_hair, oil-paper_umbrella, sitting, socks, japanese_clothes, jack-o'-lantern, blush, holding_umbrella, hair_ornament, shoes, holding, kimono, wide_sleeves, flower, hair_flower, looking_at_viewer, long_sleeves, kneehighs, black_skirt, skirt, black_footwear, bangs, green_eyes, black_socks, mary_janes, frilled_socks, frills, closed_mouth, halloween, two_side_up, pumpkin, lantern
  •  (best quality), (masterpiece),dress, solo, white dress, red eyes, halo, 1girl, flower wreath, flower, wariza, wings, sleeveless dress, long hair, sleeveless, arms up, rose, sitting, bare shoulders, red flower, head wreath, bangs, hair between eyes, blush, looking at viewer, very long hair, closed mouth, collarbone, white flower, feathered wings, brown hair, bare arms, red rose, red ribbon, breasts, barefoot,
  •  (best quality), (masterpiece),1girl, anger vein, green hair, :t, solo, gloves, closed mouth, blush, holding, green eyes, long hair, long sleeves, pout, bangs, looking at viewer, hood, white gloves, bow, star \(symbol\), very long hair, fur trim, dress, fur-trimmed hood, red bow, v-shaped eyebrows, animal hands, animal hood
  •  (masterpiece), (best quality),(illustration), ((chinese colorful ink)),wide shot, best quality, epic scenes, impactful visuals, 1girl, long hair, dress, underwater, solo, barefoot, black dress, very long hair, breasts, blue hair, blue eyes, jellyfish, cleavage, bubble, looking at viewer, bangs, coral, bare legs, sleeveless, full body, medium breasts, air bubble, fish







反义词: nsfw,EasyNegative, badhandv4, verybadimagenegative_v1.3, bad-hands-5,lowres, bad anatomy, bad hands, text,watermark, error, missing fingers, extra digit, fewer digits, cropped, worst quality, low quality, normal quality, jpeg artifacts, signature, watermark, username, blurry, Missing limbs, three arms, bad feet, text font ui, signature, blurry, text font ui, malformed hands, long neck, limb, Sleeveles, bad anatomy disfigured malformed mutated, (mutated hands and fingers :1.5).(long body :1.3), (mutation , poorly drawn :1.2), bad anatomy,disfigured,malformed,mutated,multiplebreasts,futa,yaoi,threelegs,



Base ModelSD 1.5
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